Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Fun!

Well, our tree decided it was time to shed resulting in a lawn full of yellow, fun to jump in, crispy, crunchy, yard covering leaves! KJ really enjoyed jumping around in them and I really enjoyed taking pictures of the kiddos out in those beautiful fall colors. Here are some pictures!

Ok, so this first one is Lainee on the porch, but it is outside and she looks so cute!
A leaf found her hand and then it about found her mouth...

KJ having fun in the huge leaf pile!

Cute (I wish I had a nicer camera)!

Family Fall Fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

KJ turns 2 and updates!

Well KJ had two very fun birthday parties (really, he had 3 if you count the one he had with just Chad, Lainee, Nana and I). It's still so crazy that he is now 2! He got a lot of cool toys and we had fun spending time with family in Shelton since we arn't able to see them very often. It was also nice because everyone was able to meet Lainee! Here are some pictures from both birthday parties, he had one over in Shelton and one here at home.

Here is the birthday boy with his cool cake that Grandma Martha made:

Mmmm.... Cake!

Here is the birthday boy at his party here at home!

And another cool cake made by Grandma Martha!

Here I am with the kiddos at KJ's party, I'm so lucky!

In other news, both kids seem to be growing so fast. Lainee is now over three months and just rolled over for the first time yesterday! She then did it a few more times! She's also starting to (baby) talk more and her and KJ just love each other, it's really adorable. KJ is just about a full blown conversationalist now. It's pretty fun when you can just talk to your 2 year old and he, for the most part, knows what you are talking about. He is responding with "huh?" alot, well to almost every question which can kind of drive you crazy, but it is still cute. As for Chad and I, we are both doing very well. I'm sure I drive him crazy with my current worry: the swine flu. I'm trying my best to keep my kids healthy I don't want the swine flu or any other flu or illness in our house, ugh! I just need to remember to pray and rely on God, he is in control not me and I know worrying about it definitely won't do me any good.

Here is a video of Lainee rolling over!