Monday, March 23, 2009

Outdoor Fun

We had some fun outside last week and I'm so ready for the weather to get warm and stay that way! Unfortunately, KJ got a pretty nasty cold after our time out so we won't be getting out much the next few days, but once he is better we will be once again reaping the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. KJ did have a couple firsts when out playing last week, he got to eat some dirt, taste some bark and fly a kite! All of which I have pictures of and I will get posted. He also got a tractor from my parents for Christmas that my mom and Chad put together; however, he's not too interested in driving it just yet, I think once he is bigger though it will definitely be at the top of his list of things to play with. Here are some pictures from our adventures outdoors:

Here he is with his tractor:

Flying a kite:

Eating some bark:

After eating some dirt:

In other news, not a whole lot is happening (seems like I say this a lot, right?). I am getting more and more anxious for Lainee to arrive, even if we still have a few months. Oh well, a lot to get done between then and now! Hope this finds you all happy & healthy!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Room, New Words and New Adventures

Well, not a lot of new things have been happening lately with me or Chad, we just continue to watch KJ grow and learn new things and he is definitely our entertainment. The pregnancy continues to go well, Lainee is a little mover and I love when she lets me know that she is there.

Last weekend we moved KJ into his new bedroom. We decided to convert the guest room into KJ's room, thus leaving KJ's old room for Lainee. It is a little bigger and KJ seems to enjoy it, especially since we can now fit his toy box inside of it. We have kept the full size bed in there so that guests can still stay over (besides, KJ is still sleeping with us) and it all seems to be working out. We are going to be working on getting KJ used to the new bed during naptimes, shouldn't be too hard of an adjustment since he is so used to our bed.

KJ is really starting to pick up on words, I think he says a new one everyday. The new ones he has picked up in the last few days are: ornery, shovel, candle and crap (this was an accident). Luckily he just said that last one once and so far doesn't know when to use it. haha It is pretty neat hearing him pick things up so fast and we are still practicing with animals and animal sounds.

As for new adventures, we are noticing that we have a little climber. He is beginning to climb up on tables so that he can dance around and he is learning to climb in and out of the "window" in his playhouse that we currently have inside (until the weather warms up). It's fun to watch him become more active but also a little scary when he does things he is not supposed too. He is also learning how to jump, especially if he is on a bed. Our little monkey!! OH, and, he has also learned how to remove his diaper if that is just what he is wearing-- so, if we let him run around in his diaper he is usually completley naked within a matter of minutes, which he likes much better than the diaper anyways. Not only is he our little monkey, he is our little streaker, too!