Sunday, December 21, 2014

House Pics: All Moved In

After we've been moved in for almost five months, I finally decided to take all moved in photos last week. Christmas decorations & all! I had been cleaning so I figured I might as well take advantage.  Ignore the mess, or don't, it's all part of living and things just don't stay clean very long around here. :)

The entry way:

A look around the kitchen:

The great room:

(One of the many uses of the bench, should be getting the cushion done soon.)

Kiddos' bedrooms:


The office & hallway

That's all I have for now. By doing this, I realized I would not make a real estate photographer. ha!

Oh, and since I probably won't get around to posting again before Christmas, I leave you with this.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Yearly Update

I really should just call this the yearly blog, it seems that that is about how often I update it. :o/  If it isn't kiddos keeping me busy, then it is my photography and this blog has unfortunately fallen behind because of it.  Facebook has been the best way to keep things up to date it seems but I do need/want to be better at keeping up with this. 

So, wow, since the end of last summer, so much has happened! The kids are all a year older, obviously.  KJ is now a big 7 year old, Lain is a fun 5 year old and Sawyer is a silly 3 year old. We celebrated each birthday with family, fun, friends and lots of food.


I now have two kiddos in elementary school.  KJ Is now a first grader and Lain is a big kindergartener.  Kindergarten has been a huge adjustment for her.  We are almost three months in and we still have mornings with lots of tears and waving out the window.  Her teacher is incredible and I'm so thankful that she does such a good job with Lainee.  She loves her and she loves school, I'm still trying to figure out what it is that makes her tick on those rough mornings.

Sawyer is now a preschooler.  She loves it and she loves her teacher.  We are really blessed with such great teachers in our small community, it is wonderful.  She also loves the fact that she goes to preschool with her cousin Luke, how fun!  She is still my little clinger in most situations, but this separation is good for her.  The best part, there were only tears for a  few weeks with this one. 

Besides birthdays and schools, we made our annual trip to Ocean Shores over the summer and had a wonderful time!  The kids really enjoy playing with their cousins and two more will be joining the gang in 2015, one boy and one girl.    Nana always guesses the gender correctly, and so far a BGBG pattern has stayed true!  There will 8 kids by mid-April '15.  So fun!

As for Chad and I, well, kids and work keep us both busy.  I can't believe how busier life becomes once you have kids in school.  I feel like we are constantly on the go and/or fighting some sort of bug! haha I'm pretty sure by saying that we have experienced almost every stomach bug Royal has to offer would not be an understatement...

Chad just got back from his 4th (?, I think 4th) business trip to Japan.  Quite the world traveler, he is. ;)  My photography business grows gradually busy by the year.  It's the perfect amount of "busy" when you've got three rugrats. ;)  I'm throwing around the idea of possibly offering wedding photography once Sawyer starts school.  We shall see.

Oh! Big news of 2014, we moved into our new home in August.  We love it.  We were blessed with a wonderful builder and everything went pretty smoothly.  It's so nice to be in our home and to have more space.  Here are some photos from before we moved in.  I'll have to take some "all moved in" photos soon.

Anways, that is the past year in a (really, really small) nutshell. '

(photos by  Vasquez Photography)