Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kindergartner, say what??

Well, the time has come. My sweet little first born has become a preschool graduate which means we will be moving on to the big school come fall. I think he is a little nervous but I'm sure, or I hope, that he will love it once he gets into the routine of things. I'm not ready. It feels like this is just the beginning of the warp speed transition straight to high school graduation. Yikes! A few tears fell at his graduation and I may be a bit of a mess on the first day of school. I already imagine the ride home after dropping him off for college. A ball of tears, I tell ya.

Not only did KJ graduate, but Lainee advanced to her second year of pre-school. What started out as a pretty rough year for our little bug ended up being such a great experience for her. She loves her teacher and she really enjoys learning. It was so cute to see how excited she gets when she brings home work to show us. So sweet.

Here are our little pre-schoolers.

Here are they on their first and last day of pre-school. KJ's is a comparison from his first and last day of last year also.

Proud parents!

Now that summer is here, as long as the weather straightens out, we are ready for lots of water time, birthday parties, a trip to the ocean and a brand new baby. Exciting stuff coming up!