Monday, February 16, 2009

Disney Live & Ultrasound Results

Saturday we spent the day in Tri-Cities and took KJ to Playhouse Disney Live! IT was a fun experience and KJ got to see some of his favorite disney characters on stage. He really seems to love Tigger, Pooh and Handy Manny and all three were there so that was great! I think he was still a little too young for it, but he still enjoyed parts. The first half he started to get pretty antsy and the second half he was starting to get really tired. I am glad we took him, the moments he did get excited were so worth it and now we know it is something he will really enjoy later on! Im a dummy and forgot our digital camera so we ended up buying a cheap disposable, so once I get those pictures developed I will scan them in and post some up here (if they are good enough, :)..)

Exciting news today! Found out we are expecting a baby GIRL! We are very excited and it looks like everything is going great and she seems perfectly healthy. She sure is an active little thing, I had no idea she moved so much but the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting some measurements because she was such a wiggle worm! She did eventually settle down some and the tech was able to get everything she needed, just took a little while. We decided to name her Lainee Makay and we can't wait to meet her!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag of Fourths-- Claire & Amber, you are it!

This is the photo tag, where you post the 4th photo from the 4th folder of your Pictures. Here's my photo.
Here is mine, not a very cute picture but I won't cheat. The folder is titled "Family" and it is an older picture of me and my sisters.

Claire & Amber, I tag you because you are the only others that I know who might read this and who also have a blog other than Stefi who was the one that tagged me.

Have fun!!

Anyone giving out Davenport mattresses? Anyone??

Chad and I got back from our overnight trip to Spokane yesterday. It was pretty relaxing to get away and not really have an agenda of any sort. I did miss KJ, but I knew he was in good hands so I was still able to enjoy myself. The Davenport is definitely the nicest place I have ever stayed and we even gave in to some dessert (which we got for free because it took a while for it to get to our room, yahoo!) We also had a yummy dinner at a downtown spot and watched "He's Just Not that Into You." Poor Chad, I don't think he was too excited to go, but he did for me and it was a pretty good movie. Other than that we relaxed and didn't do a whole lot.

Last night I got to do something I've never done before, call The Poison Control Center. YIKES! Ok, when I explain this, if you are reading it you will think I'm a dummy, but I don't care... I was worried. So, I was making our bed and Chad had stepped out of the room to do something and on his way back in he informed that KJ just stuck vicks in his mouth. I cried out "NO, HE DIDN'T!" and ran over to him and sure enough there was KJ wiping vicks away from his mouth with a little fingerprint/hole in the vicks container. I grabbed a washcloth and wiped his hands down and tried to wipe his mouth out and then Chad and I both read the container. We weren't too worried and Chad told me to call just so that I would feel better about it, haha he knows me well. The operator let me know things would be fine that it was mostly just an irritant that could give him a slight tummy ache or really burn his eyes if he managed to get some into them. So, after the call, I felt a lot better and put the vicks away. :) (I had it out for a cold I'd been fighting all last week.)

In other KJ news, he is learning to count to 5 (with a little assistance) and we are also working on ABCs and colors. It's so much fun to see how much he is learning and I may be able to start bringing in some of my preschool activities soon.

ALSO-- one week until the ultrasound, I can't wait! The baby has been moving around for me this morning after not being noticed the last couple of days so I'm excited about that. I think he/she likes to tease me like KJ did. :)

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy! Happy reading everyone.