Friday, January 30, 2009

A couple weeks and counting!

Well, it's almost that time! My ultrasound has been scheduled for Feb. 16th and I'm super, super excited! I can't wait to see the baby, make sure he/her is healthy and find out if my hunch on the gender is correct! I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything seems to be going fine, other than some occasional headaches and a MAJOR pulled muscle in my back, ouch!

So far, it seems as February is going to be a pretty busy month, as far as weekends go! We have a
1) Superbowl this Sunday: We will head to church and then probabbly come home to divulge in goodies and lots of football and good commercials.
2) Trip to Spokane: Chad bought me some gift certs. to the Davenport for Christmas, so him and I are going on our first trip (without KJ). It's just a one nighter but I'm excited, it should be relaxing and fun; however, I think I may go through KJ withdrawls!!
3) V-Day/Playhouse Disney Live: For Valentine's Day, Chad, my parents and I are taking KJ to the show in Tri-Cities. I'm excited, I just hope it is good enough to keep KJ's attention!
4) Baby shower/ Bible Conference: The following weekend we have a Bible Conference at church which should be full of good fellowship, speakers, sermons and fun! Also a friend's baby shower is that week so I get to go buy some little girl stuff. :)

So, weekends should be full and it will help another month of pregnancy go by semi-quick, yahoo!

As for the KJ man, he continues to learn more words and continues to find ways to get into things! He now knows how to open the dishwasher and soon will get the hang of opening the oven (yikes!) Ornery little guy. Lots of fun though!

Oh, as you can see, I've changed my layout to fit the theme of Valentine's Day, I mostly did it to post the Valentine's card I made that KJ will send out to family. :)

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, those few of you who might read it. :) I will be keeping you posted!

Monday, January 12, 2009

JC Pennys and the big 2-8!

Well, after looking at portraits of my friend Claire's little boy a couple months back I thought JC Penny's would be a good direction to go in for KJ's next session. So, Saturday, we took him over to Tri-Cities and got his pictures done. Overall, it was a pretty good experience, the photographer was friendly and KJ liked her and we got some very CUTE, CUTE pictures! The downside, their computers had gone down that morning so our appointment was pushed back, but it all worked out at the end of the day! The photos should be online soon and once I get them back I will try to get some posted up on here, like I said... there were some cute ones!

I also turned 28 this weekend, crazy! I can't believe how fast time is flying by, not only did I turn 28 but my 10 year high school reunion is this summer as well, WHAT? Where did the time go, sometimes it feels like I was just in high school last week, not 10 years ago. So, KJ's pictures were part of my birthday present, I'm a picture nut and love to get them so I very excited to get pictures for my birthday. I also got some other great gifts from Chad and my parents and we got to go out to dinner while in Tri-Cities on Saturday. My mom also took me to Bride Wars last night, which was a cute little movie!

Besides that, the same old thing is happening around here. KJ continues to amaze me every day with a new word, dance, facial expression, etc... that kid definitely keeps me entertained. I'll be keeping you all posted!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pretty slow around here lately

Not too much has been going on with us recently. Chad headed back to work full time after a nice vacation and I think I'm finally starting to beat this cold I've had for a week. KJ, I swear is growing a tiny bit everyday, soon that kid is going to be reaching EVERYTHING! Last night I had a minor scare at the thought of him being able to reach the stove top soon... what childproofing can you do for that? Anyone?!?

Our New Years was good! All of my sisters came home with their husbands, all but Keesha's. We got to hang out quite a bit and it was good spending time with them. It doesn't happen too often anymore these days, so it's really nice when it does.

Other than that we are just taking it easy, I was a little sad this morning to see that a lot of the snow had been washed/blown away by the rain or wind, oh well, I'm sure there will be more. Also, I'm starting to get really antsy to start to feel this baby move and to find out whether it is a boy or girl, speaking of that... if you havn't yet, you should make a guess on our online baby pool, I love to see what people think we are having and when, etc...

Anyways, I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.