Monday, October 3, 2011

KJ turns FOUR and Before and After AGAIN

Well, my little man turned 4. I can't believe it, sometimes it really does feel like he was just a newborn and I was trying to figure out how to be a mom. Like I always say, time sure does fly and I think it has sped up since becoming a mom. KJ had a lot of fun at both of his parties. We first celebrated in Shelton with family and friends there and then went and stayed a night at the Great Wolf Lodge- FUN!! The next weekend we had a party for him at home and he decided to have a pinata and Pin the nose on Elmo.

Oh, and, did I mention he started PRE-SCHOOL?!? Yes, he did. He is LOVING it. He's just getting so big. I had a harder time dropping him off on the first day then he did with me leaving. Once he was settled he was ready to mingle and for mom to head on home.

What's our little man up to these days? Well, he is constantly entertaining us with the things he comes up with. For example, just last night at dinner he said "My nipple is drying up and melting off." HA- Where does he come up with these things? He's also pretty busy being a big brother. He's good at, too. He seems to know just the right time to pick on Lainee, yet, he can also be sweet when he tries to teach her how to play a new game. He really likes to greet Sawyer every morning and play with her for a few minutes. He loves his sisters (even if he denies it at times).

Lainee is talking more and more everyday. She is starting to hold conversations and she is just as entertaining as her brother. She likes to do silly things and say "Watch, watch" and she waits until you react and then she does it all over again. Pretty cute. I think it's also about time to start potty-training with her, we've been doing it off and on but I'm wondering if it's time to go all out and just get it done! She continues to keep us on our toes and be her feisty little self.

Sawyer, well Sawyer has grown up SO much these past couple of months. She rolls EVERYWHERE and in the last couple weeks she has started showing interest in crawling. She can now get all the way up on her knees and hands (sometimes in plank position) and she rocks back and forth, she'll be on the move in no time. She sits all by herself and she is one happy little bean. Her smile can just melt your heart, I tell you. How have I gotten so lucky to have such wonderful, beautiful, children?

And Chad? Well, the same ol' thing. Keeps busy at work by day and comes home to be a great dad by night. He really is a GREAT dad. The kids adore him and he is pretty gosh darn fun! They especially love playing hide and seek and wrestling around with daddy. He makes everything more fun! Again, SO blessed to not only have the kids I have but look at my hubby- seriously! How so blessed!!!

As for me... The last couple of months have been pretty busy for my photography business and that has been fun. I've also lost a total of 25 pounds since the beginning of June. I'm really happy with how far I've come and I'm hoping to lose another 10-12 more. I've been kind of a slacker this past month but I'm in a Biggest Loser Challenge for the month of October so hopefully that will help kick my behind into gear. Here is another Before and After. Before: June 4th, After: October 3rd. Ignore the fact that they aren't lovely pictures by any means... ;)

Well, that's the just of it for now. Happy fall all! :)