Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summa Time

I sure do love summer time around here. I love getting outside with the kids and sitting under the big ol' tree as they play in the pool. Something we could do more often if summer would actually STICK AROUND! We get a couple nice days and then it decides to get yucky again. I do need to work on getting the kids outside more though, they sure do love it.

The kids are growing, growing, growing. KJ finished his first year of pre-school and will have one more before starting the K-word. Yikes!!!! Lainee will start her first year of pre-school this fall. My babies are growing up and this momma is pretty sad about how fast time is going. At least I have a couple more years until Sawyer jumps in, and yes, I'm pretty sure she will literally jump in. ;)

Lainee will be turning 3, 3!!! in a couple of weeks. I can't even believe it. We have a few trips planned to the west side for birthday parties and visiting family and we are going to do a Chelan trip again, can't wait!!! KJ will turn 5 at the end of the summer and I'll just continue to feel older and older. haha ;) As I always say, I'll try to keep up better with this, but we shall see. Also, I created the Greenie Giggles blog that has all of the funny stuff they kids say: And now, what's a greenie blog post without some adorable pictures? ;)