Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summa Time

I sure do love summer time around here. I love getting outside with the kids and sitting under the big ol' tree as they play in the pool. Something we could do more often if summer would actually STICK AROUND! We get a couple nice days and then it decides to get yucky again. I do need to work on getting the kids outside more though, they sure do love it.

The kids are growing, growing, growing. KJ finished his first year of pre-school and will have one more before starting the K-word. Yikes!!!! Lainee will start her first year of pre-school this fall. My babies are growing up and this momma is pretty sad about how fast time is going. At least I have a couple more years until Sawyer jumps in, and yes, I'm pretty sure she will literally jump in. ;)

Lainee will be turning 3, 3!!! in a couple of weeks. I can't even believe it. We have a few trips planned to the west side for birthday parties and visiting family and we are going to do a Chelan trip again, can't wait!!! KJ will turn 5 at the end of the summer and I'll just continue to feel older and older. haha ;) As I always say, I'll try to keep up better with this, but we shall see. Also, I created the Greenie Giggles blog that has all of the funny stuff they kids say: And now, what's a greenie blog post without some adorable pictures? ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's April, already??

Wow, wow, wow! Have I slacked off on this blog, or what? So much has happened since I last posted. For example, it's now 2012, Sawyer is ONE, well as I'm sitting here trying to think of more that has happened nothing comes to mind so maybe a lot hasn't really happened... I'll give it a shot though.

We spent the end of 2011 between our home, Chad's mom's home in Shelton and at the house my family rents in Leavenworth (looove it!) Had so much fun spending time with family, as usual and only wish it happened more often. We also found out, right around Christmas, that my youngest sister (one of the twins), Nicole and husband Dan are expecting!! Yay! We have since found out that the baby is a BOY and currently due on our dad's birthday, August 15th. I'm so gosh darn excited. I have one adorable newphew already and I'm so happy to have another. Here are Nic & Dan and their dog Harley, won't their baby be BEAUTIFUL??

Speaking of my nephew, him and his mommy (My sister Ashley, the other twin) and his daddy Elijah have recently moved back home. WOO HOO! So happy to have one of my sisters back, I've already informed her that she is going to be mighty sick of me. ;) Here is my sister's beautiful family:

Since I'm on the subject of sisters, I better mention Keesha. She has lost 60 pounds, 60 POUNDS. Can you beleive it? She is happy and having fun over in Spokane and looks AMAZING. She comes to visit us when she can and my kiddos love when Auntie Keesha comes to play, they can't get enough of her!

Now, as for us. We are doing pretty great. :) Chad is still at Norwest, always will be, I suppose. He sometimes works a 5-1 schedule which the kids and I really love because it means more daddy time. He will soon be turning the big 3-0 and him and I are going to go celebrate in Seattle (SO VERY EXCITED!)

KJ is doing pretty well in pre-school. When we recieved his report card we were happy to see that he really excells in math and science (makes since with his analytical brain)! He really enjoys visiting with his friends and he seems to be a pretty social guy. He has developed some nervous habits and I think it's due to how much that little imagination of his is always going. Those little wheels of his are always turning and you can definitely notice when something is bothering him, even if he doesn't like to tell you about it... He is such a wonderful little boy. He makes me laugh daily and I love embarassing him with hugs and kisses. ;)

Lainee is becoming quite the little talker. She is funny and expressive and she is such a little mommy. She really likes to boss her baby sister around (and her big brother sometimes, too)but she also likes to help take care of them if they are hurt or sick. So sweet. She makes silly faces and is constantly going, going, going. She is also just about potty-trained. YAY! She is an animal lover, from a distance. As in, she loves dogs as long as they are far away but she will scream bloody murder if they get close to her and she is not ready for it. She has lungs like a CHAMP. You'd be amazed at how loud she can scream. ;) She is so smart and I'm pretty sure she is going to forever give me a run for my money. Such a gorgous, spunky, stubborn, strong kid she is. Can't get enough of her!!!

Sawyer is no longer my little baby. She is now my ONE year old baby and is up and running. She started walking around 9 months old and hasn't stopped. She is my little dare devil and always has the bruises to prove it. If it's climbable, she will climb it. She is now an expert at getting on top of our kitchen table, especially if their is food or drink waiting, and she always really enjoys climing up her brothers bed and swinging her leg over the edge as if she's about to jump down. She has a smile that could MELT.YOUR.HEART. and she has beautiful big brown eyes that will probably allow her to get away with more than she should. She is silly, giggly, adorable and fun. Love my little bean!

Here are a few more pictures from the past few months, including a few from Sawyer's first birthday.