Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hangin' In There

Well, the kids are are hanging out with Nana for a while and I'm not quite ready to start cleaning, so... I thought I'd update the blog.

Things are going pretty well around the ol' Greenfield home. I've started doing pre-school with the kiddos. We try to do something with letters and/or numbers every day and also colors and/or shapes. We have a couple workbooks that KJ really enjoys doing pages out of and Lainee is slowly learning to count and recognize new objects and say more words. It's amazing to watch your children learn something new and see their excitment over it.

Chad is keeping busy at work, as usual. He also has a new project, well... an old "new" project. ha We had terrible wind the other day and it blew our playstructure into our fence, causing damage to both. Luckily, both are easy fixable and weren't damaged nearly as much as they could have been. It's definitely a sturdy structure that we purchased last spring.

As for me, I'm ready to meet little bean. A part of me is still wondering if #3 will come out a little girl or if we will have a surprise on our hands at arrival time. I'm just not completely convinced I'm getting a little Sawyer but I will be completely happy either way, just hoping for a safe delivery and healthy mommy and baby at this point.

Hope this finds you all well, happy and healthy!