Friday, December 17, 2010


Wow! Again, I have gotten very, very behind on keeping up with my blog but I'm sure none of you are surprised. Here's a little rundown on what's been happening with us lately.

Sawyer Dawn: "Sawyer!?! Who's that?" Is that a question you are asking yourself? Sawyer is our baby GIRL due March 13th. Well, our tech wouldn't confirm that it is a girl but we sure didn't see any boy bits. Here are a few ultrasound photos of our beautiful blessing.

Lainee: Well, what can I say? She is as FEISTY as ever. Our little princess has gotten a little attitude that's for sure and I'm really not quite sure where she gets it. I do like to call her a mini-Nicole because some of her behavior reminds me a lot of my youngest sister. Despite her orneriness, she can also be the sweetest little thing, my little cuddle bug. She has really gotten into wrestling around with her big brother and we have started to realize how TOUGH she really is. She can throw down with the best of them, at least fellow 1 year olds, I'm sure. She's starting to say more words, she's really good at "N-N-N-n-n-OOO" and "thank you" which sounds a little like "tank yew" Her little voice is SO adorable. What a little cutie we've got on our hands. I'm pretty sure poor Chad is already dreading teenage years. haha

KJ: My little man! It's amazing to watch this little guy, to have conversations with him and to hear how his mind works. He has SUCH an imagination. He will say things that completely blow me away, crack me up or make me say "Whaaaaa---?" I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's such a smart kid. Sadly, I've fallen off the bandwagon with trying to do pre-school with him so I hope to get a curriculum set and really dig in after the new year. He really enjoys learning and he loves to write, color and do crafts. He's also a good little singer AND lip syncher. He really gets into music. He's also our little bum at times, I think he could lay on the couch watching The Disney Channel all day long if we let him. He's a wonderful big brother to his little sister and they really have a lot of fun together. I'm such a lucky mommy to have the babies that I do. :)

Daddy: Chad had quite an experience when he went to JAPAN at the beginning of November for work. It has been his first time out of the country (other than Canada) and he got to explore a little bit of Kobe and Tokyo. It was hard, him being away, but I know it was good for him. He also got to experience more of the "business" side of his job as he is usually working away in the lab while at work. Despite his big trip, he has been busy being a WONDERFUL father. KJ & Lainee absolutely adore their daddy. He will get home after a day at work and still find the time and energy to wrestle around with them on the floor, give them horsey rides around the house and spend his downtime cuddling them on the couch. He is such a great, great man and we are lucky to have him!

Mommy: What have I been up to besides growing a 3rd little cutie? Well, at the end of October, I, with the help of many wonderful people, ran a "Cookes For Kids' Cancer" Bakesale in which we were able to raise over $800. I really enjoyed working for such a GREAT cause and I highly encourage anyone interested to check it out and give it a shot! Glad also matched what we raise which was really wonderful.

I also have been busy with my photography business. I've got to work with some really wonderful people and I've really been enjoying it. I'm currently taking time off for the holidays but plan on starting back up after the new year (at least for a couple months until Sawyer arrives).

Mostly, I've been busy being a mommy. Although, like I said, I have not been as dedicated with learning activities and plan on changing that soon. I enjoy playing around with the kiddos, being silly and just being a mom to the two most wonderful kids I know. I couldn't be more blessed. God has given me so, so much to be thankful for!