Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend and What's Been Going On...

Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun, it would have been much cooler had I not been fighting this cold that is going around, but it was fun nonetheless and I had a lot of help with KJ since two of my sisters were in town. KJ got to spend everyday outside playing in the water! He played in his new sprinkler we got him and in a couple of our inflatable pools. He loves the water and he had a blast, he especially loved it when someone joined him, he liked counting to three with Daddy before running through the sprinklers. Here are a couple pictures and a video of him enjoying himself outside: (I have a lot more but they are all sideways and I'm too lazy to change the orientation of them right now.)

We are also in the process of building a patio out in our side lawn (Well, Chad, not so much me). Chad thought it would be really nice to have a place to go and sit/bbq/watch KJ play and we had plenty of room. Chad and our brother in-law Dan got the spot leveled out this past weekend and we are hoping to get some prices on pavers this weekend and hopefully purchase some soon. Hopefully the patio will be done soon and we will be able to take full advantage of it this summer. I will post pictures of it once it is ready!

In the world of pregnancy, everything seems to be going well. My back pain has finally subsided but I still get the occasional aches and pains that just go along with being pregnant. I'm still more uncomfortable this time around than I was with KJ, but she will be here soon enough. This weekend I will be 35 weeks which means I only have 2 weeks until I'm "good to go" as my doctor put it and 5 weeks until I'm due! WOW! Time has flown. We are slowly getting prepared for Lainee's arrival. My friend Linsey and I painted the artwork for her room and now we just need to get her room put together, get a few more things and I have a few projects that need some finishing up. I even washed a majority of her newborn/0-3 mo. clothes yesterday, wow-- I forget how much clothes babies get, I think KJ had just as many but it seems like so much more this time around. I hate laundry enough as it is, now we will be adding a lot more to it. If anyone out there enjoys laundry, feel free to come and do mine. ha

In other KJ news, I think he may be starting to hit the terrible two's a little early. He is still such a sweet kid, but boy, the attitude is starting to come out! We are starting to discipline more for certain actions and he does not like it. He's getting a little more physical too, he isn't out of control or hard to handle... we just need to work a little harder so he knows his boundaries and continues to be the wonderful little boy that he is!

Here are some new things he's doing/learning:

*A better understanding of the difference between hot and cold.
*He likes to answer "no" to any question you ask. IE
--- "Hey KJ want to go to Nana's house?" "No." "Are you sure? It's Nana's house." "No." (But of course he does it's just what he likes to say when he is asked a question.
*He is starting to inform me when he goes #2, yeah! This is especially helpful when I have a stuffy nose and it's not as apparent as usual. (Or when he is naked and poops on the floor while I'm in another room... yeah, he did this but he did tell me and showed me exactly where it happened!)
*He says "empty" when his sippy cup runs out, says "mess" when he sees a mess or something on the floor he doesn't like, well it is either "mess" or "ick". He also says "cute" to certain things that catch his eye. ha
*He has made up his own word "Sooowaccaaa" I have no idea what it means but it is pretty cute when he says it!

There is more I could add, I'm just getting hungry and my brain isn't functioning as well now.

I hope this finds you all happy & healthy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to the beach and my mannerific boy!

Thursday we left for Shelton to spend some time with Chad's mom and his family and we also had plans to head to Ocean Shores. We got to see some friends while we were there and celebrate Chad's grandpa's 80th birthday, which was fun! We had some good times with family and friends and KJ always enjoys seeing family that he doesn't get to see very often because of the long drive, but we are really happy we got to go!

Saturday morning we headed for the ocean, we were really excited to see KJ's reaction since he hadn't been there since he was 11 months old. It's also nice going down because we are able to stay at Chad's grandpa's lot and not have to worry about hotel costs. So, when we got there we took time getting the place ready and grabbed lunch and then it was off to the beach! We started to walk their and then realized the paths were all covered in water and after making it half-way there in a round-about way we realized we couldn't go farther so had to turn around and get the car. Once we got to the beach, KJ took off towards the water with dad and started walking right up to the tide until it started coming back his way and then he wasn't quite sure what to do.

After playing near the water, we headed back up on the beach and got KJ's sand toys out and he had a blast playing in the sand and watching me and Chad fly the kite! He also loved that Grandma Martha was there to help out and join in on the fun!

Sunday we walked around the shops looking for mother's day gifts for both of our moms and we just took our time checking all of the different shops out. Since we do that everytime we go we know what many of the places have since not a lot of the merchandise changes, it's still a fun thing to do. We also took KJ to the big fish tank at the Shilo Inn so he could see some pretty fish. After shopping, we headed back to the place for some lunch and R&R before our second trip to the beach. Chad, KJ and I headed to the beach and instead of playing in the sand, KJ spent his time flying his Tigger kite we got him. It was the PERFECT kite for him and so easy for him to fly. There were no sticks/extra strings, etc... just a little thing you could unfold and throw into the wind. Here are some photos from our second day at the beach:

Here is a picture of the three (or 4, rather) of us once we got back from the beach:

It turned out to be such a great trip! (And, what a wonderful Mother's Day Gift!) I was completely exhausted and not feeling very well by Monday so it was nice to get home, but I am looking forward to taking two little ones to the beach next time!

In other news... KJ is turning into such a little boy! More words keep flying out of his mouth, ie. amazing, giraffe, just about all of his relative's names, PLEASE & THANK YOU! Yep, he is starting to become more aware of when to use his manners and it is so exciting. He will ask for something and I can ask "what do you say?" and he will say "Peese" ahh... it is so adorable and I'm very proud of the little guy. Could being a mom be more fun?

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a pain in the...back!

Ok, can I just say that I feel like I should be getting senior citizen menu discounts! This baby is really reaking havoc on my back, ouch! It makes me feel really old when I can barely move around at times. I don't remember KJ ever giving me this much trouble and I think it is because he never did. It's not Lainee's fault, it's definitely mine... I don't think I gave my body enough prep time for baby #2. ha The right side of my back, right around my rib cage has been hurting off and on for the last few months and I'm guessing it is just all of the stretching that my stomach is doing... Oh well, only 9 more weeks (or so) and I can start working out and hopefully get back the strength I need to heal my muscles all up!

Now that I'm done complaining... ok, wait, I'm not. Swine Flu! Ugh!!!! I repeatedly tell myself to just rest in the Lord and not to worry about things, especially those I have no control over... but what do I do? Worry more about those things I cannot control. I go back and forth between being worried about this new strain of the flu. Sometimes, I freak myself out a little bit and other times it's just something the media is completely blowing out of proportion. My worries have definitely escalated since having KJ-- I just don't want him to have to suffer nasty flu symptoms, and frankly, I'd rather not either... nor do I want anyone else too!

Ok, now I'm done complaining... I think. Things are just going as they have been around here. I'm definitely getting ready for Lainee to arrive, well ready in the sense I'm excited to not be pregnant, I still have a lot to do preperation wise... but I'm not too worried, I'm sure it will get done. KJ continues to be my entertainment, he is so funny and I swear he is picking up words left and right. His new thing lately is to just totally bust a move when he hears music. He has always been a boogyer (sp?) but the last few days, a song comes on and he totally cuts a rug! He starts jumping all over the room shaking his little body all over. It's way too cute, I tried to get it on video this morning but right as I started taping he decided it would be more fun to get mad at me and throw a small tantrum on the floor. Ah, life as a mommy! Couldn't ask for anything better, though. Chad continues to be awesome and wonderful. Tonight our brother in law, Dan, is going to pick Chad up and take him to Federal way so that Chad can help Dan and Nic move back to the East side (woo!), they are moving to the Tri-Cities. So, it will be the first night I have not spent with Chad since we got married--- Yeah, how crazy is that? I'm super spoiled and I already miss him even though he hasn't left yet.

Anyways, I need to quit rambling, I should really be cleaning house but instead I thought it would be a good time to update... so, yeah, I'm going to go clean now. Happy Days to you all!