Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally!!! The L&D of Lainee Makay

Ok, so I'm finally getting a bit of time to post up how the labor and delivery went of my little Lainee bug. Overall, it was pretty quick and easy and the pain (once I got the epidural) wasn't all that bad either. I'm just going to do a rough estimated timeline of how things went down... it should give you the idea. Here it goes:

July 6th

** A quick note: I was already in Moses with my mom when I went into labor, talk about good timing!
Ok, now here it goes:

3:30ish: Arrive at my Grandma Lola's house to visit, while there I start feeling more uncomfortable then usual and I had a slight stomach ache...

4:15ish: Arrive at Wal*Mart, proceed to walk around where I starting getting some pretty intense back pain that keeps me from wanting to be upright... Mom starts telling me that I should go get checked out while in my head it's nothing and it will most likely go away once I sit down.

4:40ish: KJ and I head to the car to wait for mom because I'm too uncomfortable to walk around and we listen to the radio. At this point it's hard for me to tell if the pain is easing up because I have a one and a half year old bouncing around on my lap. I also call Chad to let him know what is going on (just in case I go to the hospital.)

4:45ish: The pain has subsided some while sitting but I have to pee really fast so we take a 3 minute drive to McDonalds where the pain returns as I walk to the bathroom... and back to the car. I ask mom if we can just drive around so I can see what happens when I'm sitting to see if this is really anything to get excited about.

4:55ish: Mom runs into another store for about 8-10 minutes, I have a couple contractions in that amount of time and have to pee again so I go to use the bathroom... Mom tells me she really thinks I should get checked. (She wasn't about to take me home with the pains I was having.) So, I ask if we can just drive by the hospital and if I seem to have more pains then I will go in and see what's happening. **I REALLY did NOT want to go to the hospital if I wasn't in labor.**

5:05ish: Get to the hospital, hang out in the parking lot for a bit to see if anything happens. The pain seems to have subsided again but I have to pee AGAIN so I go in to use the bathroom and decide to admit myself, mom made sure I would. haha

5:45ish: I'm hooked up to the machines, Chad has gotten to the hospital and I find out I'm 5 cm dialated and that I need to stay hooked up for about 40 minutes and then I can get up and walk around.

7:00ish: Get up to walk around, have some regular contractions about 5 minutes apart as I'm walking around the waiting room and decide after about 30 minutes, I should head back to my room to see if anything has happened.

8:00ish: Still 5 cm dialated, decide to put me on the lowest dose of pitocin to get things started (and since I was already past my due date), meet my new nurse who is absolutely wonderful! Once the pitocin was started, the contractions REALLY kicked in. I really wanted to hold off on
8:20/8:30ish: Nurse checks me and I'm already at 8CM!!! Wow, the pitocin worked fast this time around! Luckily, the anesthesiologist was on the floor and came in to drug me, SO MUCH BETTER!!!

9-10ish: Hang out, waiting for baby to come down and just let the contractions do their thing. I start pushing at 10:00. The epidural was much different this time around. I could feel a lot more than I ever did with KJ and let's just say the pushing part hurt a lot more!

10:29PM: LAINEE ARRIVES!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to hold her right away and she looked so much like brother did when he was born, it was crazy!! I'm so relieved to have her and so glad to be done pushing. I only pushed for about 30 minutes opposed to the hour and a half with KJ, but because of the pain it seemed much more exhausting.

Ok, so I apologize for the length of this blog... yikes! If you even read it and I completely understand if you didn't... it's up for me too so that I can kind of remember how things happened. Anyways, the rest of the stay at the hospital went pretty well and now we are home enjoying being a family of four! I'm still pretty exhausted but I know it will get better and Lainee is definitely worth it all! :)

Here are some more photos of the adorable little girl along with her handsome brother!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lainee has arrived!

Yes, Lainee is here... and I will post the L&D story and pictures hopefully by the end of this weekend!! Right now I need to take advantage of the time I have and try to get some cleaning done... but there will be a new blog in the next couple of days, I promise!!

Here are the quick details

Lainee Makay

7lbs. 12.4 oz.

19.5 in

10:29 PM

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Waiting Game

So, I'm still pregnant. For some reason I really thought that our little girl would be here by now and I'd be on the road to body recovery. No such luck! I know she will come when she is ready or when I'm induced, whichever comes first... but WOW, I'm realizing how impatient I really am at times like these. I've realized it is a lot harder to wait when you have been in the pre-labor stage for a couple weeks opposed to just going in to be induced because your baby (KJ) has shown no signs of coming on his own. Lainee has been teasing me for a couple weeks now while KJ had more of the "Hey, come and get me!" attitude. I think Lainee shares his attitude, she just likes to tease me while she's yelling this from inside my stomach. The worst part is that I'm not even really over-due yet, I'm just being a whiny, impatient brat because I'm tired of the aches and pains... I know, I need to just suck it up. She will be here soon!

In other news, 4th of July was nice. KJ liked the fireworks enough to not get upset at them but he was still a little unsure. He watched the majority of them from Nana's lap on which he proceeded to fall asleep and stay asleep, I might add, with all of the whistles/bangs/explosions. We had family in town since Wednesday between Chad's mom and grandma and my sisters and their hubbies. I think they all thought they would get to meet a baby before leaving town. I love spending time with family and there are still many more events happening this summer that they will come back home for.

Here's to hoping the next blog post is about the birth of Lainee... or maybe it's a boy and he is mad at us that we have been calling him a girl name and she/her... maybe he doesn't want to come until we figure it out!?! Either way, I hope I'm writing about a newborn in the next go around. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a safe and healthy labor, delivery, baby and mommy!